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"Justin Glover is a brilliant business strategist! Within the first six weeks, I was able to  increase the value of my offer, and as a result, I collected over $6,000 during that time frame!  I have never experienced such incredible growth in my business! Justin is a down-to-earth, heart-centred leader who I am so grateful to not only have made the acquaintance of, but to be part of his inner circle. He has up-levelled my business in a way that I didn’t even know was possible!"

Dr. Stacey Cooper

Paris, Ontario

"I have been working with Justin for a few months now. Because of his suggestions and guidance, I was able to create a new coaching business and land 4 new clients and generate $12,929 USD in just 5 months. Justin has a great understanding of business processes and does a great job of explaining them in a way that makes it easy to understand. He has a massive heart to serve, and I would recommend him to anyone needing help in their business."

Marcin Marczak

London, United Kingdom

"Working with Justin has been great for my business. He helped us increase my new customers by 335%, and doubled my profits in my first 30 days! He has changed how we are perceived by potential clients. We have been able to transform our message to show the value our business brings to clients, giving us an edge over the competition. The biggest thing I received through his coaching was mindset. It has made me see business in an entirely new light."

Kirk Freeney 

Arkansas, USA

"I attended one of Justin Glover's events many years ago, and my life drastically changed from that experience, and I'll be forever grateful for that. I am honored to be a part of anything he does. He has such a heart for serving others, and is an excellent teacher of business & marketing. Just implementing one strategy he gave me has completely changed my business and my confidence forever. Thank you Justin! 

Jason Legaard

Tempe, Arizona

"Justin helped me bring in an extra $10k into my business in the first 3 weeks of working with him as my coach. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom in all areas of marketing and business development. He has great experience and knows how to leverage your strengths and use them to have a more proficient business. Thank you Justin, I really enjoy working with you!"

Moshe Vaknin

Massachusetts, USA

"I have been working with Justin for a few weeks now. Justin is a passionate man who enjoys teaching others how to succeed in their business. He doesn’t hesitate to share his unlimited knowledge that he’s learned over the years with his own business and from the other businesses he’s helped. I’m very excited to have him as my coach and look forward to working more with him in the coming months! "

Cora Buno

California, USA

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